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Winter Chardham Yatra

As the Colder days descend, the gods from the holy Chardhams come down to their winter homes where they reside for six whole months. During this time the deities from all the four dhams are worshipped at the Yamuna Mandir (Kharsali village), the Ganga Mandir (Mukhba village), The Onkareshwar Temple (Ukhimath) and the Narshing Temple (Joshimath).


When The Gods Come Down

As the Colder days descend, the gods from the holy Chardhams come down to their winter homes where they reside for six whole months. During this time the deities from all the four dhams are worshipped at the Yamuna Mandir (Kharsali village), the Ganga Mandir (Mukhba village), The Onkareshwar Temple (Ukhimath) and the Narshing Temple (Joshimath). With clear blue skies, bright sunshine and a zero chance of any natural calamity like rain or flood, it is a great time to take the yatra for the same fulfilling experience at a much lower height

Mukhimath Temple in Mukhba
The Second Home of Goddess Ganga

The Mukhimath Temple in Mukhba, a village up the ridge on the other side of the River from Dharali, is the winter abode of Goddess Ganga from the Temple at Gangotri. The Gangotri holds a lot of Religious and Spiritual Significance in the Hindu Religion. The Temple is 20ft high and made up of white granite. It is Situated on the left bank of the Ganges River.

There is also a submerged shivaling here which can be seen when the water level goes down in the month of January. It is regarded as a sacred spot where Goddess Ganga first touched the ground


Uttarkashi Vishwanath Temple :

The Viswanath Temple is the most important and ancient holy shrine in this region. Of the many temples in Uttarkashi, the temple of Lord Vishwanath is unrivalled in importance. Shiva, the presiding deity of this temple, is worshipped all day here. Every evening, visitors are greeted by the sound of bells, and the chanting of mantras by pundits at the puja.Within the courtyard of the Vishwanath temple,

Harsil :

One of the most beautiful valleys in the world

Gangotri :

Hot water spring

The Winter abode of Maa Yamuna

The beginning point of the Chardham Yatra is Yamunotri. During winters Maa Yamuna comes down to a small village known as Kharsali or Khushimath which lies a kilometre away across the River Yamuna from Janki Chatti. It is here that the goddess resides after Deepawali Poojan and during all of winter. There is a good road till Janki Chatti.


Loard Shani Dev Temple :

It is the oldest Temple of Lord Shani Dev, the brother of Maa of Yamuna. The interesting architecture of this beautiful temple uses wood, stone and mortar made of Urad Dal (pulse). The Temple has surprisingly withstood earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Narsingh Temple in Joshimath
Where Lord Vishnu Resides in winter

The Narsingh Temple at Joshimath is the winter seat of Lord Badrivishal. It has the idol of Lord Vishnu in the Narsingh avatar which is believed to have been established by Shankaracharya. A Beautiful drive through medicinal forest takes you there.

Pandukeshwar Temple

You can also visit this Temple where the idol of Udhavji, also known as yogdhyam Badri, is worshipped



Auli in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is renowned for the fascinating ski resorts and stunning natural vistas. Bounded by the snowy peaks of the mighty Himalayas, this hilly terrain offers the enchanting sceneries of oak fringed slopes and coniferous forests. At an average height of 2800 meters, this might be the single spot where the visitors would get the unusual opportunity of a nice promenade.


In contract to the annoying hustle and bustle of city life of Joshimath, Tapovan is a peaceful place known for its hot springs which are belived to possess miraculous healing powers. Tapovan is 15 kms. from Joshimath. A 3 kms. trek from here leads to Bhavishya Badri, one of the five Badris

Bhavishya Badri

Bhavishya Badri is at Subain, about 17 Kms from Joshimath to the east toward Lata. It is beyond Tapovan, up the Dhauliganga river and involves a track of about 3 Kms. from the motor road. It has an altitude of 2744 mts. and is located within dense forest. The approach along the Dhauli river is stimulating.

Adi Badri

Adi Badri is part of famous Panch Badri of Uttarakhand. It is a group of sixteen temples, belonging to the Gupta period. Among them is the Narayan temple, where a black stone idol of Vishnu, three feet high is enshrined. This place is within the Badrikshetra, and Badrinath being the name for Vishnu, the temple is known as the Adi Badri.

Onkareshwar Temple in Ukhimath
The Winter Home of Lord Kedarnath

Ukhimath is a Piligrimage site in Ridraprayag District. Situated at an elevation of 1311 metres and at a distance of 41 km from Rudraprayag, Onkareshwar Temple (Ukimath) is the winter home of Lord Kedarnath

During winter the utsav doli of the idols from kedarnath temple and Madhyamaheshwar are brought to Ukhimath and worshipped here at the Onkareshwar Temple for six months. Apart from the winter puja of Lord Kedarnath the year round puja of Lord Onkareshwar is also performed here.



Guptkashi has a great importance quite like that of Kashi. The ancient Vishwanath temple, Ardhnareshwar temple and Manikarnik Kund, where the two streams of Ganga and Yamuna are believed to meet, are the main places of attraction in Guptkashi.


Deoria Tal or Devariya Tal is a pristine lake located near Chopta. A 3km uphill trek from Sari village (which is connected through a motorable road) takes you to this heavenly place offering tranquility and a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks including Chaukhamba, Nilkantha, Bandarpunch, Kedar Range and Kalanag.


Chopta is known as "Mini Switzerland", and is getting popular as a tourist destination since last few years. Chopta hill statopm is situated in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand state at an located at an altitute of 2600 mts above sea level amidst dense forest. Enchanting views of the Himalayas is visible from Chopta.

Triyuginarayan Temple

Triyuginarayan Temple is assumed to be a temple of "Treta-Yug", a Yug older than even the Kedarnath temple, which was built by Pandavas in Dwaapar Yug. Situated in a small vllage in dense, thick forests off a few kilometers from Sonprayag, on the way to The Kedarnath Shrine, this is the place where it is believed that Lord Shiva was married to Parvati.

Attractions and Activities

Winter is one of the best times to enjoy the beauty of Uttarakhand. Rejuvenate your soul with the winter Chardham Yatra and Refresh your mind and Body as you soak in the clear sunshine. Enjoy the Winter line carnival at Mussoorie and have the lifetime experience of aartis performed on the banks of River Ganges at Har-Ki-Pauri. Watch the mesmerising view of snow covered mountains and the eternally snow covered peaks of Bandarpunch. Explore the avenues of adventure through rafting, skiing and more.

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Getting there
One of the best ways to enjoy the winter Chardham Yatra is to make Haridwar the centre. Haridwar is easily accessible by air, train and roads

By Air
Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun located just 35 km from Haridwar, is the nearest domestic airport. Helicopter services are also available from Dehradun.

By Train
The Haridwar Railway Station has direct links to many major cities of India such Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

By Road
NH 45 connects Haridwar to the other cities both inside and outside the state


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