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To human bodies and minds pummeled by a demanding life, the mention of Ayurveda opens an image of healing massages and potions that carry with them the remedial alchemy of leaf , root and earth. Ayurvedic procedures detoxify the body, making it more responsive to treatment and hastening the healing process, and ultimately strengthening the immune system. Among the most popular detoxification procedures is Panchkarma. Ayurvedic massages and herbal remedies are the additional effective procedures.The entire philosophy of Ayurveda rests on the need to create a rhythm or equilibrium in the body in synthesis with the environment. Any imbalance in the synthesis of body, mind or spirit results in maladies and disorders. Ayurveda believes that the human body

The science of Ayurveda rests on the theory of panchmahabhutas or the ‘five elements’ that make up the universe. These five elements are earth (prithvi), water(jal), fire (agni or tej), air (vayu) and ether or space (akash). Equilibrium among these elements is mandatory in order to maintain a fine balance in the universe. Humans too are created of these elements. Ayurveda sees these five elements forming three doshas or humours, which make up the constitution of individuals. Thus, an individual may fall In the category of Vaat (ether/air), Pitt (fire) or Kaph (water/earth) Vaat governs body movements, blood circulation, respiration, excretion, speech, tactility, fear and anxiety, among others. Pitt governs assimilation and the faculties of vision, hunger, thirst, heat regulation and intellect. Kaph or water governs form and substance, i.e. weight and firmness, strength and restraint and cohesion and stability.

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