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Organic Food

Uttarakhand is known the world over for its mesmerizing natural beauty. The rich natural diversity coupled with the distinct climatic conditions yield edible plants and spices that are unique to the State.


A typical Kumaoni dish, it is made with lentils like Urad, Moong etc. This recipe is for Dubka made from Moong dal.

Gaderi Ki Sabji

Prepared from boiled Gaderi from the hills with the taste of saute Jamboo and garlic, it is used as a Sabji with normal...


Another mouth watering preparation, which is consumed either as snacks or supplement with meals. Besides it improves th...


Badeel is a popular snack of Uttarakhand. It is made from pahari masoor and can give a stiff competition to the popular...

Kauni Pulao

The tasty dish from the remote villages, kauni pulao has an aroma which increases one’s appetite. It is a wholesome f...

Lal Chawal Ki Kheer

Traditionally grown in Uttarakhand Himalayas, red rice is very high on nutritive content. Lal Chawal ki Kheer (pudding)...

Jamboo /Feren ( Allium Stracheyi)

A very popular in Uttarakhand as a condiment, flavoring agent in “dals’ and ‘soups’.

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