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Wellness & Spirituality

If it is resurgence you seek, Uttarakhand is the place to meet. The 5 senses of a human body - taste, sight, smell, touch and sound; Uttarakhand scrupulously targets all of them in a unique way to help you peel off the negativity within. Having known to be a host of the Yoga Capital, it offers an array of Yoga centres and trained Gurus. Moreover, people can also enjoy a detoxifying luxurious stay where they can fully indulge in activities like spa treatment and much more. Catch a glimpse of the admirable beauty and envelope yourself in the lush green meadows and lose yourself to the melodic sounds of this bio-diverse land, the land which is known for its Spiritual Wellness.


To human bodies and minds pummeled by a demanding life, the mention of Ayurveda opens an image of healing massages and p...


In today’s complicated world, where the senses are under constant assault from all spheres of life, peace of mind has ...



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