Blogger's Programme - An Introduction

Uttarakhand has a lot to offer and is poised with beauty at every corner and center. With its magnificent aura, Uttarakhand has been a favored choice for travelers from around the world, who visit this mighty land for a life transforming experience. Here you can easily satiate all your adventurous desires; be it flying like a bird, cruising through the strenuous rapids of the Ganges, trekking to some of the fascinating peaks, skiing through some of the picturesque slopes enchanting destinations, enjoy the longest cable-car ride in India and much more. In short, Uttarakhand is a dream destination for all!

Now what does Uttarakhand and a community of wanderers have in common? They both have the roof of the Blogger's Programme, where in, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB), join hands with amazing travel enthusiasts who have a knack for grabbing the audience by their words. This Blogger's Programme has been developed to attract such people towards the beauty of Uttarakhand, from a deeper perspective so that they can reach out and convey it to the World.

Come, collaborate with us, for an experience of a lifetime with a touch of Uttarakhand's hospitality. Be a part of the family; Uttarakhand - Simply Heaven!

Maa Raj Rajeshwari Devi Temple, Devalgarh

Devalgarh is a significant part of Uttarakhand’s history and Maa Raj Rajeshwari Temple was built by King Ajay Pal in the Year 1512. The temple is known to attract a large number of devotees who come here to seek blessings from the Goddess and get their wishes granted by her. (A mythological yet strong belief)

It is also significant from the Archaeological point of view - being a wonder perched at ~4000m, containing secret passage ways inside the structure which were built under the King in his time and also showcases exquisite ancient Garhwali architecture that once adorns this beautiful town.

Moreover, a large festival/fair is organized here during the harvest season, which puts Uttarakhand’s native culture on the forefront.

Bloggers Bus 2.0
Tehri Lake Festival (23rd to 28th May 2018)

Gartang Gali - Nelong Valley, Uttarkashi

With a Ladakh like landscape, Nelong Valley is not only rich with natural beauty but also houses remnants of the treacherous Indo-China trade route, whereas Gartang Gali is a 105m long skywalk situated at an altitude of 11000 ft above sea level and was also once, a part of the Indo-Tibetan trade route.

Post the Indo-China war in 1962, the bridge was declared off limits and the valley too has left the modern-world tourists in curiosity of its story. NOW, this skywalk will be opened for tourists after 55 years and has a grand potential to be developed into a adventurous gem.

The picturesque valley also, in totality holds a tremendous potential to be developed into a niche tourism destination which would attract thousands of tourists and nature enthusiasts. This site will also be intriguing for a wider demographic since the Austrian mountaineers, Heinrich Harrer (Tutor to the young Dalai Lama) and Peter Aufschnaiter are associated with Gartang (They were imprisoned by the British), who after escaping imprisonment, captured the story of this region in their famous book, “Seven Years in Tibet”.

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Kumaon (15th-22nd July 2018)