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Nestled in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, Dehradun is one of the most beautiful cities in the sub mountain tracks of India, known for its scenic surroundings. The name Dehradun is a collection of two words “dera” meaning camp and “dun” meaning valley.

It is also known as one of the oldest cities in India, it is believed that Lord Rama and his brother did penance here for killing Ravana, the demon king. 

Under the British, Dehradun became an elite town with many a fine institution like Forest Research Institute, Doon School and Welham Schools for girls and boys, many more, like the ONGC and Wadia Institute of Himalayan Studies, were added in time. Dehradun has now become an important tourist destination.

   City Facts

Population: 12,79,083 (2001 census).
Altitude: 960 m. Area: 300 sq km.
Climate Cold in winters, hot and humid in summers.
Season: Round the year.
Clothing Summers: Cotton clothes.
Winters: Heavy woollens.
Languages: Hindi and English.

Situated on the foothills of the great Himalayan, Dehradun is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Surrounded by beautiful hills, doon valleys and dense forests, city welcomes tourists to come and enjoy real world of nature.

Robber's Cave

Guchhupani is one of the names of Robber's cave, situated at the distance of 8 km from the city center. It is 600 meters long cave having small river inside it.

Forest Research Institute

It is well known institute in the field of forestry, which is being run by Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education. It was established in 1906 and chosen deemed university by the UGC. It has also museum on forestry that is open from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

Malsi Deer Park

It is one of most visited tourist destinations, located at the distance of just 10 km from Dehradun. Situated at the foothills of Shivalik ranges, it is a mini-zoological park surrounded by beautiful objects of nature, that makes it best place for picnic.


Situated at the bank of river Ganga, it is one of the holiest places for Hindus. According to Hindu mythology, it is the place where Kaurava's Guru Dronacharya has undergone penance.


Shastradhara, which means, the 'thousand springs' is one of the best picnic spots. It is a eye pleasing waterfall of 9 meters, that attracts the tourists. Place has also Sulphur spring famous for its medicinal value, it is believed that it cares skin disease.

Sai Darbar

As the name suggests temple is dedicated to lord Sai Baba, it is located on Rajput road

Tapkeshwar Temple

It is one of the oldest temples in Dehradun, dedicated to lord Shiva, it is at the distance of 5.5 km from city bus-stand and well connected by road. A fair is organized every year on the occasion of Shivratri. As the name suggests, temple is named Tapkeshwar as water droplets from rocks falls on shivling and gives it marvelous look.

Laxman Siddha Temple

It is just 12 km from Dehradun. According to Hindu mythology, it is the place where after killing the Ravana, lord Rama's younger brother Laxmana has undergone penance..

Darbar Shri Guru Ram Rai

This place has historical significance from the time of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The Sikh guru Ram Rai ji, the eldest son of the Seventh Sikh Guru Har Rai Ji, stayed here in 1676 and now it has changed into pilgrimage place for Sikhs.

Assan Barrage

A blue green lake, 43 kilometres from Dehradun, has today become a hot spot for nature-lovers and birdwatchers The Assan Barrage is a man-made lake, developed in 1967 when the Dhalipur power house was under construction. Close to 53 species of water birds can be found here. Migratory birds make this reservoir their habitat as they journey to their winter destinations. The Brahmini duck, red crested poacher, pintail, mallard, coot, common teal and tufted duck are some of the species that throng the park. The Assan Barrage also offers boating facilities and is a treasure chest of adventure and bird-watching.The birds are spotted here in October- November and February-March.

By Flight

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, 24 km from Dehradun city.

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By Train

It is connected among other places, to Amritsar, Howrah, Bombay, Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi and other major cities.
4309/4310 Ujjain-Dehradun. 2019/2020 Bombay-Dehradun. 4041/4042 Delhi-Dehradun. 4265/4266 Varanasi-Dehradun. 3009/3010 Howrah-Dehradun. 2017/2018 Delhi-Dehradun.

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By Road

Dehradun is connected to other parts of India with a wide network of road route.
Local Transport Services: Private Bus Services, tempos (vikrams), auto rickshaws, tongas, cycle-rickshaws and taxis.

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Very Cold, Foggy
January is snowbound and offers a freezing climate.
Very Cold
February offers very cold climate. Ideal month for planning honeymoon trip.
Moderately Hot
March has moderately cool climate and the regions looks inviting with rejuvenated tourist activities. This is the beginning of the tourists’ season for Dehradun and is perfect for enjoying host of activities and local attraction.
April is very pleasant and the imposing environment makes the season inviting for travelers. Plenty of sunshine and cool winds give a new life to the nature as well, making it one of the most sought after attraction in Dehradun. For snow, tourists need to go to higher altitudes.
Moderately Hot
May is moderately hot and is suitable for all kinds of tourist activities. May is considered to be the hottest month but the temperature is still pleasant. The crowd is high as during this month the hill station becomes a summer retreat and tourists from all over North India come here to escape from the sweltering heat. Snow can be found on very high altitudes and in the places which can be reached only via trekking.
Moderately Hot
June presents beautiful weather and the temperatures ranges between mild to medium with intermittent monsoon showers. The lush green region looks extremely beautiful and the month is ideal for tourism. Tourists should go to very high altitudes for enjoying snow.
Moderately Hot
July offers temperate climate suitable for hill station stays.
August is good for exploring the natural attractions in the region. The nature looks fresh and beautiful. This is the wettest month of the year, but the rainfall don’t cause any inconvenience to the traveler.
September offers an ideal time for exploring the hilly terrains and good for all kinds of tourist activities. Good climate for holidaying as the rains completely stop at the end of this month. Clear blue skies and immense sunlight keeps the region warm and pleasant.
October is good for exploring the inviting outdoors and all types of tourist activities can also be enjoyed. Rainfall has completely stopped, the skies are clear and the sun shines through. The natural beauty is at its peak. It is one of the best months for taking up holiday packages for Dehradun.
Moderately Cold
October is good for exploring the inviting outdoors and all types of tourist activities can also be enjoyed. Rainfall has completely stopped, the skies are clear and the sun shines through. The natural beauty is at its peak. It is one of the best months for taking up holiday packages for Dehradun.
Very Cold
December offers cool winter days and chilly nights. The cozy climate and the blossomed ambiance of the region are ideal for honeymoon trips. Heavy woolens are required and if you are travelling with kids and old people then extra care needs to be taken. There won't be any snowfall, but snow on the ground can be found on the slopes and high altitude.

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