• Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB) shall be organizing the International Yoga Festival is scheduled to be held at Rishikesh from 01 st – 07 th March 2023.


  • Tour Operators booking international tourists for at least 05 days will be provided with a financial assistance of 10,000/- each international tourist.
  • For less than 05 days of the stay of the guest in IFY 2023 the incentives will be paid on pro-rata basis; whereas a minimum stay/attendance/registration of 02 days in IYF 2023 for each guest is mandatory to avail the scheme benefits.
  • The maximum limit of the incentive amount Rs 5,00,000/-per Tour Operator.
  • The Tour Operator must be registered under MoT/UTDB/IATO to apply under this scheme.
  • The following documents are to be submitted to apply under this scheme:
  1. Registration certificate of the Tour Operator.
  2. Evidence of promotional activity carried out by the Tour Operator.
  3. VISA of the International guest.
  4. Hotel Booking details of the guest.
  5. Registration in IYF-2023.
  6. Undertaking/affidavit by the Tour Operator.
  7. Bank account details.
  • The above mentioned documents are to be submitted by 15 th March, 2023 at UTDB, HQ, Dehradun in hard copy.

Decision of UTDB shall be final and binding in this regard. The Tour Operators shall 0not have any right of claim on the amount just by mere submission of the documents.

If any other development takes place: the same will be intimated through our official website: and social media platforms.


Plan for International Yog Festival (IYF 2023)
Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB)

International Yog Festival (IYF) has been organised since more than 30 years at Rishikesh.

With the easing down of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the opening of tourism across the globe, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB) has planned to organise the IYF 2023 on a grander scale to promote the ancient science of Yoga throughout the world.

In addition to Yog, the event shall also promote holistic living and shall witness meditation gurus, spiritual speakers, nutritionists, ayurvedcharyas and cultural programmes all under one roof to provide the visitors/participants a 360 degree platform for healthy and happy living.

This year, UTDB has also planned to promote the programme to various countries across the globe and is seeking support from the Ministry of External Affairs, GOI, Indian Embassies across the world and Embassies/Consulates of various countries situated in India.

UTDB has also roped in Tour Operators with experience in promoting such kind of specialised Inbound Tourism to spread the word and seek participation from as many countries as possible.


Dates: 01st to 07th March 2023.

Venue: Ganga Resort (GMVN) and Yog Bharat Ghat, Rishikesh.

USP: Yog sessions by masters in front of the holy Ganges

UTDB is approaching various traditional as well as popular schools of Yog to provide experienced teachers/trainers to undertake a 7 day program with the participants who register for the program.

All programs shall be organised by UTDB and the program shall not be a Paid Program for the participants/yog enthusiasts.

Proposed Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule of the program shall include the following:

(06:00 - 07:30 AM)

Yog Sessions under different schools of Yoga such as Isha Foundation, Art of Living, Krishnamachary Yog Mandiram, Kaivlyadam etc.

It is also proposed to have Therapeutic Yog Sessions such as Backache, Men’s Health, Women’s health,

UTDB shall provide separate space to all Yog Schools at the Yog Bharat Ghat and the participants shall be doing these sessions facing the Ganges.

(10:00 - 12 noon)

Naadi Parikshan and other consultations.

Panel Discussions with topics of Mental Health, Role of Spices in our food etc.

Divine/spiritual lectures/discourses by eminent speakers like Daaji (Heartfulness), Jay Shetty and speakers from different practices such as Tibetan Buddhism, Vedic Wisdom etc.

There shall be a Food Court and Stalls promoting healthy foods, organic products etc.

(3:00 - 4:30 PM)

Yog and Meditation Sessions followed by Evening Aarti.

(06:30 - 8:00 PM)

Cultural programmes like music recitals, dance performances aligned to the overall theme of spirituality.

Target audience

The beginner/uninitiated yoga enthusiasts and yoga practitioners who wish to learn more about this unique and holistic science of well being.

Expected Turnout

While it is still not certain how many yog enthusiasts would participate this one week long comprehensive program, UTDB is making all efforts to promote the Event to the international as well as domestic audience and it is expected that the footfall shall be good including international participants.

The Event is expected to witness the who’s who of Govt from Uttarakhand during the inaugural and closing sessions, which would see huge gatherings.

The event shall be promoted heavily across the country and internationally by UTDB to make people aware of such a unique offering by the Govt. of Uttarakhand.