5 reasons to visit the Valley of Flowers

By- Ishita Goel

Flowers in their array symbolize different things and emotions. Valley of Flowers invites tourists to experience the varied mountain flora and to get familiar with the language of flowers.

Here are the top 5 reasons to visit the Valley of Flowers national park:

  • Spiritual and Natural Beauty:

Valley of flowers is known for its impeccable beauty within and is also known for the beautiful region it is enveloped in. Hosting a hugely bio-diverse environment, people can enjoy nature at its best, which compels them to stop and admire.

  • The Trek Journey

A zig-zag trail of 12 kilometres, Valley of Flowers offers a trek journey which generally is not considered very arduous and thus, is a great beginner trek for tourists. The majestic Himalayas, which form an incredible backdrop, make the trek all the more scenic and romantic.

  • Photography:

A tourist’s vacation or an adventure enthusiast’s journey is incomplete without various memories captured through photographs. The Valley of Flowers is indeed a photographer’s paradise. With breath taking landscapes and the oblivious horizon, this valley offers views a photographer can’t refuse to click.

  • Solo Travel – Budget Travelling:

Despite being located in a comparatively remote area in Uttarakhand, Valley of Flowers is one of the most accessible destinations for travellers. The route has a host to many reasonably priced hotels and other accommodations to stop over. Here, nature demands no charge to enjoy its beauty. Lose yourself in this destination without making a dent in your wallet.

  • Pollution and Weather:

This site has no road connectivity. This means that there is no vehicular pollution in this part of the mountains. You breathe in clean air and feel rejuvenated. This is also why the trek doesn’t tire you. The splendid weather, which offers a blissful escape from the hot weather in summers, is very alluring and we guarantee you will definitely contemplate, atleast once, on extending your stay here!