A Perfect Snow Holiday

By:-  Udit Sharma

If you are looking to a cosy holiday with your loved ones tucked away in a picturesque snow-enveloped town, enjoying local dishes and a cuppa hot tea, Uttarakhand is the place. Enjoy a white holiday while you explore pristine nature at any of the following destinations.


If adventure tourism is your jazz then Auli is the place to be. The snow laden mountain paradise is considered amongst the best skiing grounds in the world. Located 2,900 metres above sea level, its high-rise snowy slopes offer the perfect opportunity for adventurers to showcase their skills on. The sight of the sun shining on the beautiful blanket draped over the mighty Himalaya's will win you over. A perfect destination where adventure meets nature, Auli is a destination that you wouldn't want to miss visiting.


The charming valley, enchanting surroundings and the magnificent Naini Lake, Naintal's beauty is beyond description. Often being mentioned in ancient literature, Nainital's stories often adds to the intrigue of its bewitched visitors. Its spectacular natural beauty has often left tourists in awe.  A perfect blend of natural beauty and spiritual marvels, Nainital is a brilliant addition to every wanderlust's travel bucket list. When you visit, don't miss out the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Explore the beauty while trekking the verdant trekking trails and let the nature talk to you.  If still not satisfied yet, travel a little further and be enamoured by the marvellous city of Ranikhet. Its spiritual essence will evoke a sense of peace inside you.


One of Uttarakhand's gems is the magnificent valley of Chopta. Offering a perfect spot for its visitors to escape from the hustle and bustle of their regular lives. A chance to reconnect rejuvenate and relax is not one to be missed. Endowed with spectacular flora and fauna, Chopta is the perfect winter getaway for nature lovers. Surrounded with spectacular natural beauty and the marvellous trekking routes, it is the perfect addition to your travel bucket list.  During winters. Chopta is draped by a blanket of snow which will win you over. The magnificent view of the Himalayas are a crown jewel to the splendour of the hill station. Witness the hidden marvels when you travel to the 'mini Switzerland' of Uttarakhand.


Munsiyari is a treat for adrenaline junkies and budding adventurers. The tiny hamlet snuggled in the Kumaon Hills is will leave you transfixed in your tracks with its spectacular beauty. Its pleasant climate and marvellous landscape are word-defying. With the sight of the sun rising and setting over the mighty Himalayas, it is no surprise that it is dubbed as Uttarakhand's very own Kashmir. When visiting Munsiyari, you wouldn't want to miss going to the Birthi Falls. Basking in its own glory, Birthi Falls are a sight for sore eyes. Situated 35 KM away from Munsiyari, it furnishes the perfect trekking route covered with snowy meadows.


Mussoorie, the Queen of the Hills, has often enthralled its visitors who visit the mountain paradise to escape the regular hubbub of their lives.  A popular tourist destination, Mussoorie's delightful snow-capped landscape with picture perfect weather will beguile your heart. The view of the Doon Valley from the iconic house of Sir George Everest, Surveyor-General of India, is simply breathtaking. With a white snowy blanket covering it in the winters, it offers the perfect sight when the sun peeks over the Himalayas shining on the white snow creating an unforgettable sight.  Travellers can witness the majestic Kempty Falls when they are on their way to Mussoorie. Its serene and picturesque settings along with the sound of the water gushing down the fall will leave you mystified.  If you are lucky you might be able to bump into the famous author Ruskin Bond while walking towards the enigmatic Cambridge Book Store at Kulri Bazaar.