Travel Trade FAQ 

Travel Trade is a service by Uttarakhand Tourism , where you can register your various businesses related to tourism. These businesses could be a hotel, an adventure sport or something that enhances the tourists experience in uttarakhand. 


Q) What are the prerequisites for registration in travel trade ?.

Before you start registration in the travel trade, you must carry a few details with you like valid email address, mobile number & GST registration. There are multiple official details and scanned copies of documents that are needed to upload in the portal.


Q) How much time is needed to complete the registration process. 

After you fill the registration form, the DTO office of the respective region will do the verification process for it. There will be two step verification that will happen in the process. 

  1. Online verification
  2. On-site verification


Q) What are the points, you need to remember while filling form for travel trade

There are few points you must know while you fill the form. 

  • Fill all the details properly, so that nothing could be a hurdle in your verification process.
  • Keep digital copies of all the documents related to your business, GST registration number, pictures of your location etc. 
  • Fill the form completely and do not leave any details unnoticed. Check it twice before you submit.