World Tourism Day 2023 shall be celebrated the world over on 27th September.

Come to Uttarakhand and become one with nature !!!

Eligibility for Vlog Contest

  1. Only citizens of India above 18 years of age having a Social Media Page on either Youtube or Instagram or Facebook are eligible to participate.
  2. The Social Media page should have at least 5000 followers on the date of application and should be promoting Travel and/or food related content.

The videos must highlight the following themes representing the uniqueness of Uttarakhand:

  1. Nature and Wildlife
  2. Spirituality and culture
  3. Folk Arts
  4. Tourist Circuits (Maximum 4 destinations)
  5. Adventure Activities

Vlog Guidelines

  • Vlogs with maximum time of 10 minutes shall be accepted. Vlogs shorter than 7 minutes and exceeding 10 minutes are liable to be rejected.
  • The content including the music should be copyright free. In case, there is a copyright infringement reported subsequently, the participants shall indemnify UTDB and its employees against any liability arising out of such activity.
  • Use of existing videos, vulgar language or depiction, hate speech, substance abuse, animal abuse, environmental abuse etc shall not be entertained.
  • The participants are discouraged not to use Stock Content or content which they have shot earlier for developing the Vlog. It is expected that the participants shall develop fresh content for the Vlogs.
  • The participants shall undertake that the content is original and has not been published anywhere shared by them in any of the social media, online channels.
  • Each participant can participate in maximum of two categories and share maximum one vlog in each category. So, each participant can share a maximum of 2 vlogs, each in a different category. Submissions by participants, who exceed the above limit, are liable to be rejected.
  • The videos should be shot in 4K in horizontal frame.
  • Categories for the Vlogs: -
    1. Nature and Wildlife
    2. Spirituality and culture
    3. Folk Arts
    4. Tourist Circuits (Maximum 4 destinations)
    5. Adventure Activities
  • UTDB reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions at its discretion.
  • Decision of UTDB shall be final in this regard and the participants shall have no claim/right on UTDB’s decision.

Selection of Winners

  1. UTDB shall select the 10 vlogs based on various factors such as novelty, quality of content, diction and choice of destinations/themes.
  2. Each of these 10 vlogs shall be put on UTDB’s Social Media Channels in a phased manner and their performance shall be monitored for select period of time. Based on the performance, in terms of likes and shares, the top three Vlogs shall be selected.


Award Amount (Rs.)
First Prize 2,00,000
Second Prize 1,00,000
Third Prize 50,000
Consolation Prizes 25,000
  1. Remaining 07 entries shall get a consolation prize of Rs. 25,000 each.
  2. Decision of UTDB with regards to the Winners shall be final and binding on all participants. No queries in this regard shall be entertained by UTDB.
  3. All winners shall be notified through email.
  4. The prize money shall attract standard deductions as prescribed by Govt. of India.
  5. Participants should fill the form propely to participate in the contest, with the link to the Unlisted Youtube Video
  6. Videos submitted without the Form is liable for rejection.
  7. For queries please contact us on

The contest will be open till 30.11.2023