PARYATAN PARV – Capturing Hearts through Culture

16 . 11 . 2018

What do you call a festival which keeps the culture of India on the forefront for the tourists from all over the world to enjoy? It’s called ‘Paryatan Parv’

‘Paryatan Parv’, or the ‘Tourism Festival’ is being celebrated from 16th to 27th September, nationwide and offers new opportunities for fun, fervor and celebrations at every corner and center, to engage with the people through a diverse set of cultures – as diverse as India. The Parv is organized annually and is celebrated with a number of activities with the objective of drawing focus on the essence of tourism, by using it with a portrayal of culture.

Uttarakhand is a State, which is rich with culture and heritage, with more of everything, just like the Parv. In Uttarakhand, Paryatan Parv is being organized in sync with the nation from 16th to 27th September in all 13 districts with a plethora of festivities, lined up for the people to indulge in.

Lust for adventure? Trek through serene and scenic locations; thirsty for a rush? Join us for some exciting mountain biking; hungry for more? Indulge at alluring food festivals; want to admire nature, be a part of amazing nature trails and if it all becomes too much, relax yourself with some morning Yoga. The celebrations just don’t end there – from cultural activities to fun-filled evening to conferences and seminars, and from debates to painting competitions to a lot more than you can imagine.

The cure to this curiosity will only be, to come to Uttarakhand and find out more. Visit a State poised with beauty and cultural diversity; a State that will welcome you with a smile.

Come for the festivities and stay for the love. Let loose.

13 Districts. 12 Days. Unlimited Fun.