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Rivers in Uttarakhand

The rivers of Uttarakhand are no exception in the wholesome bounty they bestow as they flow down mountainous slopes, into narrow gorges and widening into the plains. Born in the deep glacial chambers of the magnificent Himalayas, the mighty rivers of Uttarakhand have brought people together and nurtured their way of life.


The holiest of all Hindu rivers, the River Ganga takes shape in Uttarakhand. In Uttarakhand, the Ganga flows in many places in the form of smallest stream, rivers and tributaries. With its source at Gaumukh.

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The Ganga isn’t alone in her holy flow. The great river splendidly branches out into tributaries and distributaries that go on to flow in their own enlivening ways. River Yamuna is a tributary and rises in the

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The source of the Alaknanda lies in the ranges above the temple town of Badrinath. The river emerges from between the twin peaks of Nar and Narayan. It is believed that the 8th century religious reformer.

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Originating from the Gaumukh is the source stream of the River Ganga that transforms into a turbulent river. The headwaters of the River Bhagirathi are born in the region of the Gangotri and Khatling Glaciers

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Like the Kosi, Ramganga is also a river of the Ganga system. It drains the western parts of Almora and south-east portions of the Garhwal district. It rises in the slopes of the lower Himalayas in central

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The Tons is the largest and most important tributary of the Yamuna and flows through the Garhwal region. touching Himachal Pradesh. It rises in the snow fields beyond the valley of Har Ki Dun.

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River Kali is the largest and the most important river of the Kumaon region. It forms the border between India and Nepal, draining both Eastern Kumaon and Western Nepal.

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