Destinations Covered: Uttarkashi, Kedarnath, Bageshwar, Madhyamaheshwar, Jageshwar, Baijnath

Uttarakhand, the 'Dev Bhoomi,' is dotted with numerous Shiva temples, and each one of them holds special significance. Many believe that it is here that Lord Shiva rules with great pomp and grandeur. Here, every village offers tales from the lives of the Lord.


Baghnath Temple

Located in Bageshwar, Bagnath Temple is situated at a confluence of Saryu and Gomti rivers. Literally translating to "Tiger Lord," this temple attracts millions of devotees in the holy month of Shravana. It is said that pleased by Sage Markandeya's worship, Lord Shiva manifested in his tiger avatar here to bless the sage.

Baijnath Temple

The Baijnath Temple complex in the Bageshwar district is renowned for its outstanding sculpture and is counted among the best creations in Uttarakhand. Said to be built by Kumaoni Katyuri kings, the temple has been a significant spiritual sight ever since its construction. It is a beautiful example of early medieval north Indian temple architecture known as Nagara style of temples.

Dandeshwar Temple

Situated upstream from the Jageshwar temple complex, the Dandeshwar temple complex is adorned with beautiful antique images. This place is 200 m from Artola village from where the temples of Jageshwar starts. This place lies between Jhanker Saim temple, Vrudhh Jageshwar, and Koteshwar temples


Lying amidst the majestic snow-capped Garhwal Himalayan ranges, the Kedarnath Temple is one of the Char Dhams. Thronged by thousands of tourists each year, the temple is situated at the height of 3584 m above sea level near the head of Mandakini River.

Madhyamaheshwar Temple

A beautiful location at the foothills of lovely peaks, Madhyamaheshwar in the Garhwal region of the great Himalayas has an appealing elegance and picturesque surroundings. Though the shrine is not a gigantic structure, it is an oasis of serenity and devoutness. Tiny ponds that surround the tranquil environs attribute the calmness of the holy premises to a great extent.

Vishwanath Temple

An ancient temple in Uttarkashi, Vishwanath Temple is believed to have been built by Maharshi Parshuram and later renovated by Maharani Khaneti in 1857. The highlight here is the Shiv Ling, which is 60 cms in height with a circumference of 90 cms.