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Mahabharata Circuit

Destinations Covered : Lakhamandal, Hanol-Thadiyar, Deora, Naitwar, Dodital

Garhwal is the Pandava country laced with tales of the five Pandava brothers who spent significant episodes of their lives here. Lakhamandal or the house of lac, is believed to be the site of the palace of lac built by the Kauravas for the Pandavas.

The Kauravas had planned to set the palace on fire to kill their brothers but the five brothers escaped through an underground tunnel. Opposite the Lakhamandal complex which also has two statues called Danav and Manav (Evil and Human).

The legend of this region takes us to Hanol. Stories say that when Krishna disappeared at the end of Dwapar Yuga the pandavas followed him. They cross the River Tons.

Yudhishtra was fascinated by the beauty of place and asked Vishwakarma to build a temple here and stay with Draupadi for nine days. The place subsequently came to known as Hanol, after the name of Huna Bhatt.

The most famous place in the Tons Valley is Netwar where the temple of Karna is situated. Karna was the first born of the Pandavas’ mother Kunti, whom she had abandoned at birth and who had become an ally of the Kauravas.

Another temple of Karna is situated in the village Deora. In the compound on the right of the temple stand six miniature temples, which represent Karna and the five Pandavas.

The Pandava came to the scenic Dodital while on their way to heaven after the Mahabharata war.



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