Dayara Bugyal winter trek

Destinations 1: Dehradun, Barsu, Bharanala, Dayara Top

Destinations 2: Dehradun, Raithal, Gui, Chilapada, Dayara Top

Duration: 6 days

Distance: Base camp Barsu/Raithal is 8-9 hours (approx) from Dehradun

For family and groups

Experiences: Snow-covered expanse


Dehradun to Raithal

The 9-hour-road (approx) leading from Dehradun to Raithal, the base camp of this trek, is a scenic one boasting beautiful patches of forests with the River Bhagirathi giving you company. You will also pass through Uttarkashi on your way. When you are about to reach Raithal, keep your eyes on the horizon to witness a brilliant sunset over the Mt Jaonli and Draupadi ka Danda peaks. Rest up as there will be plenty of ascending trails to cover the next day.

Dehradun is connected to other parts of India with a wide network of roads. From Delhi, the distance is around 256 km and takes about 6 hours by road. The road from Dehradun to Joshimath of around 275 km takes about 9 to 10 hours to cover by car and is quite adventurous. You’ll cross rolling meadows, mountain peaks and river beds. It is connected among other places, to Amritsar, Howrah, Bombay, Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, and other major cities.

Jolly Grant Airport is 24 km from Dehradun city. It is connected to Delhi, which is connected to all major Indian cities.


Raithal to Gui

Set off for Gui. The path gains altitude gradually but offers splendid sights of Gangotri 1, 2, 3 and Mt Srikanth. The trail in first part of the journey is well maintained while the latter is wooded, boasting oaks (green and brown) and rhododendrons. You will arrive at the campsite within 5-6 hours. Around the site, you will find a small tal, a few village huts that are utilised in the warmer months and a cottage belonging to the forest department.


Gui to Chilapada

The total distance you will cover today is about 3 km. The trail is a mix of flat lands and steep gradients. Head towards a small meadow in the forest called Gui Thatch. From here, you will get clearer views of the Gangotri range in its entirety along with the Jaunli peak and the crown of Mt Bandarpoonch. The path from Gui Thatch is leisurely, which allows you to soak in the beauty of the Himalayan highlands and the rhododendron trees that dot it. This easy walk lasts about 500 m before the path begins to steepen. Another half-hour-walk and you will arrive at Chilapada.


Chilapada to Dayara Top

It is only a 30-minute-walk through a forest stretch to reach Dayara Bugyal from Chilapada. You can spend almost an entire day taking in the sight of the massive undulating meadows covered in a thick blanket of snow. From here, take in the breathtaking sights of Mt Bandarpoonch and Kala Nag. Retrace your steps to Chilapada. Get adequate rest.


Chilapada to Raithal

The day will involve plenty of downhill trekking so start early. You will reach the first campsite of your trek, Gui, in about 90 minutes. Continue for another hour to arrive at a clearing. There is a water source here from where you can refill your bottle and quench your thirst. Rest up and stretch your legs before completing the final leg of the journey to Raithal.


Raithal to Dehradun

Get adequate rest before you return to Dehradun. Since you will be driving back, you can start the journey around 10 am. Take your time to enjoy the surrounding scenery on your way.