Nag Tibba Trek

Destinations: Dehradun, Panthwari, Nag Tibba
Duration: 2 days
Altitude: 3.02 m
For family and groups
Experiences: Trekking – easy to moderate
Budget: INR 3,650 per person (excluding airfares)


Dehradun to Panthwari to Khatian

Depart from Dehradun early in the morning (preferably around 6 am) to reach Panthwari village by 10 am. The road is smooth and the surroundings are tempting enough to make frequent stops. Nag Tibba, or the Serpents Peak, is the highest peak in the Lesser Himalyan Range in Garhwal. Nag Tibba can be reached by three routes, of which the one via Panthwari (Pantwari) village is the shortest yet is dotted with breathtaking natural sights.

The trek starts from Panthwari and it is a 5-6 hour trek (approximately) to the first campsite – Khatian. Soon after you leave the village and take on the trail, you will pass the locally-revered Nag Devta temple. After you cross the temple, tread carefully as the path ahead is rocky, although well defined as it is frequented by shepherds. You will also pass a few motorable roads along the way and walk on a trail ascending through forested area. You will soon reach Khatian where you will pitch a tent for the night and get some rest.

Road: Panthwari village is a drive of about 3 hours from Dehradun. If you want to enjoy a fresh meal, stop at the Yamuna Bridge in between.


The day will involve plenty of walking so start early. Leave the camp and take the trail that leads into the forest. On the way to the Nag Tibba base camp, you will come across two open patches of land about 20 minutes and 35 minutes, respectively, from the camp. The route is largely a pleasant walk with a small portion of steep ascent. With an average speed, you will be able to reach the base camp between 45 to 60 minutes.

The Nag Tibba summit is a straight walk ahead of the base camp. There is a flag on the highest point called Nag Tibba “Jhandi” or summit. From here, you will be able to see stunning 360-degree views of the mighty Himalayan mountains including Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Srikanta, and Gangotri

While returning, take the route going down to Bhatwadi. You can also return via Panthwari but it will be interesting to explore an alternate route. About 45 minutes into the descent, the path will begin to run parallel to a stream that flows all the way to the Bhatwadi village.

On the way, you will reach a clearing called Moriana. Cocooned by lush forests, this makes for a pretty spot for photography. Continue to follow the stream for about an hour till you reach the spot where the forest ends and farmlands appear. It will take another hour to reach Bhatwadi village, which will bring this trek to an end. Bhatwadi is around 8 km from Panthwari.