Pindari Glacier Trek

Destinations- Loharkhet, Dhakuri, Khati, Dwali, Pindari Glacier
Duration- 8 days
Experience – Trekking (Easy to Moderate; Families can do)
Maximum Altitude– 3,800 m (Approx)
Ideal time– April to July and September to October
Budget- INR 8,000 (Per person. Minimum Number of Pax- 5)
To book-  or Trekking Guides



The trek starts at Loharkhet, located above the small mountain town of Bageshwar. If you are coming from Song village, a trek of around 4 km will bring you to Loharkhet. Rest at Loharkhet  and explore the beauty of this idyllic mountain village.


Loharkhet to Dhakuri

After morning tea and breakfast, the trek will start to reach Dhakuri, around 8 km away. It ideally should take about 4 hours of trekking through the beautiful landscape, with stops at refreshment stalls serving “pahadi Maggi”! Enjoy views of great Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Devtoli, Maiktoli and Nandakhat on the trail that winds through an evergreen oak forest and then across meadows and rhododendron forest to reach Dhakuri. This fairytale-like picturesque village, is serene, silhouetted against high mountains lost in clouds. The night stay will be at Dhakuri.


Dhakuri to Khati

After breakfast at Dhakuri, the trek will proceed to Khati village, a walk of around 9 km, that should take approximately 5 hours. This stretch is easy, passing through quaint mountain villages. Khati is the largest and the last village on the Pindari Glacier and Kafni Glacier trek routes. The village is located on the banks of Pindar Ganga River and offers a calming stop. The nigh will be spent at Khati.


Khati to Dwali

This day sees a 11-km trek that can be ideally completed in about 7 hours. Start from Khati after breakfast, trekking through a panoramic landscape of forests and streams criss-crossing lush green meadows. Enjoy the evening at Khati campsite and revel in splendid views of the Kafni and Pindari valleys. The night stay will be at Khati.


Dwali to Phurkiya

On Day 5, the trek covers about 5 km, that should take around 3 hours to complete. Start after breakfast at Dwali, and trek through sights of a frozen river and snow-topped mountains. Overnight stay in Phurkiya campsite.


Phurkiya to Pindari Glacier and back

On D-Day start early after breakfast from Phurkiya on the trek to Pindari glacier. The views on the way of Mt Baljuri and Mt Panwali Dwar are stunning. The point from where the Snout of Pindari Glacier is visible is called the Zero point. The Pindari Glacier Zero Point is in the lap of giant snow-clad mountains all around. The main peaks near the glacier are Baljuri, Pawalidwar, Nandakhat, Changuch and Nandakot. The Pindari glacier is over 3.2 km in length and 1.5 km in breadth. The history of mountain climbing in the Pindari glacier region began with the conquest of the Traill's Pass by Malak Singh Buda of Supi in 1830.  After enjoying the beauty of the glacier, visit the Pindari Baba Ashram nearby and trek back to Phurkia (14 km by trek ) for lunch. Then trek back to Dwali (5 km by trek), where you will spend the night.


Dwali to Dhakuri

After breakfast at Dwali camp, proceed to Khati (11 km by trek). Have lunch at Khati and then trek to Dhakuri (8 km). Evening tea, dinner and night stay will be at Dhakuri.


Dhakuri to Loharkhet

After breakfast at Dhakuri, proceed to Loharkhet (9 km by trek). Lunch, evening tea, dinner and night stay will be at Loharkhet. The next day after breakfast at Loharkhet, the group will proceed to Song by trek (4 km), where the tour will conclude.