Roopkund Trek

Duration: 10 Days (2 extra days if you extend to Homekund)

Destination: Rishikesh - Mundoli - Wan - Bedni Bugyal Bhaggubasa-Roopkund - Homekund - Sutol - Ghat

Experience: Hiking and Trekking

Total Trekking Distance: 103 kms



Arrive at the spiritual city of Rishikesh, filled with spiritual vibes coming from the temples. Explore the city, and its wonderful ambience will add to your experience. Stay the day and spend your time by the sides of the tranquil waters of the Ganga river.



Get up and pack your bags and head to a 240 kms drive to Mundoli. Enjoy the hot piping tea with some lunch for your route. Upon reaching Mundoli, you can choose between spending the night in a cozy bed at a homestay/hotel or can stay in one of the camps and spend your night under the starlit skies.



Begin your journey with a 13 kms walk to the small hamlet of Wan. The beauty of the quaint village can be best described as being postcard worthy. Enjoy the fresh environs with an overnight stay.


Bedni Bugyal

Tie up your shoelaces and get ready to explore the 12 kms trek to the majestic Bedni Bugyal. Its lush green environs are dotted with a panoramic view of the valley. Spend a night while enjoying the night skies with a bonfire.



Gear up for the next destination, Baggubasa.The 9 kms trek will refreshen you with its verdant vistas. Upon reaching the camp, spend your time exploring the village and enjoy an overnight stay at the location.


Shail Samudra via Jurangali Pass and Roopkund

Wake up to the aroma of a hot cuppa and enjoy the sight of the sunrise. Prepare your bags to depart to the next destination, Shail Samudra. Don't miss out on passing through the Jurangali Pass and Roopkund. Enjoy a warm lunch amidst the verdant natural setting with the songs of the birds providing a soothing setting. Upon reaching the camp, rest your feet here for the night.


Homekund to Chandaniya Ghat

Get an early start to the day and head straight to Homekund. The trek to the mountain pond is filled with adventure and is the perfect route for adrenaline junkies. The pond resting at the foothills of the Nanda Ghuti peak offers the perfect vantage point of the snow capped mountain tops of the Trishul and Nanda Ghuti peak. Go further 7 kms trekking down to the Chandaniya Ghat with a warm lunch and explore the routes passing through the dense forests. Upon reaching camp take a time off to reflect on your journey.



Wake up early and stretch your legs before heading up to the 18 kms quaint village of Sutol. Hike through the beautiful trek dotted with dense forests and the chirping of birds, you can stop and take pictures if you want. Upon reaching the village, explore the town and retire for the night at the camps.



A new day for a new adventure, pack your bags and get ready to head to the Ghat packed with a hot meal to enjoy en route. Once you reach the picturesque ghat, spend some time reminiscing on your journey before you head off to the 20 kms drive to Nandprayag. Upon your arrival check into the Homestay and get out exploring the wonders of the city.



Conclude your trip with a 191 kms drive to Rishikesh, a hot lunch will be served en route.